High School FL 1 Info Hub


Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center
20016 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Important Dates

» AVAILABLE NOW - 2017 RYM Church/Group Reservation Form (youth leaders can fill out this form to reserve space for their groups)
» AVAILABLE NOW - High School FL 1 Registration Form (students & chaperones can fill out this form after your youth leader has registered your group)
» AVAILABLE NOW - Students can sign up online for elective classes using the High School FL 1 Elective Registration Form
» May 15th - Full balances paid to RYM (by youth leader) to avoid late fees (churches can pay online here)*
» June 26th - Last day to be refunded for any unused spots (not including $100 non-refundable deposit)
» July 3rd - RYM High School Florida #1 begins (3p CST check-in begins)

Students & Parents: Forms & Links

» First Time to RYM Guide
» High School FL 1 Registration Form (participant information, t-shirt size, etc...)
» High School FL 1 Elective Registration Form
» Kayaking/Paddle Boarding/Sailing Waiver

Youth Leaders: Forms & LInks

» First Time to RYM Guide
» 2017 HSFL1 Registration Form Report (view to see which of your students has filled out the High School FL 1 Registration Form)
» 2017 HSFL1 Elective Class Report (view to see what electives your students have signed up for)
» Refer to the RYM Child Protection page for background check & Ministry Safe Training links
» Pay your remaining balances via PayPal/credit card on the Summer Conference Payments page
» HSFL1 Digital Youth Leader Booklet
» HSFL1 Small Group Questions
» RYM Nurse: Caroline Pillsbury (205) 520-8497 staying in Andrew's House

*After May 15th, there is a $25 late fee incurred (per person in your group) for any remaining balance unpaid. If your group consists of 10 people, and your are late paying your remaining balance, your late fee would be 10 X $25 = $250. For a group of 25, your late fee would be 25 X $25 = $625. For a group of 40, your late fee would be 40 X $25 = $1,000.