» What is Youth Leader Training (YLT)?

Youth Leader Training (YLT) is a wonderful venue for those who minister to junior and senior high school students to gather together for a week of biblical training in theology and philosophy of ministry, small group interaction, and mutual encouragement, edification, and networking with fellow laborers in student ministry. For more information, including a short promo video, please visit the "What is Youth Leader Training?" page.

» Who can attend YLT?

Anyone with a passion and heart for training and equipping youth - pastors, youth leaders/directors, volunteers, interns, or parents are welcome to attend. You can be a seasoned 15-year, full-time youth ministry veteran, or you can be an intern, volunteer, or parent that is just starting out and wants to learn about how to better minister to teenagers. All are welcome to come and learn and be trained in biblical theology and a philosophy of ministry geared towards youth ministry.

» I have questions about YLT. Who can I contact?

Michael Hall, the RYM Training & Church Intern Coordinator would be happy to help with any questions related to YLT. Please contact him directly: mhall@rymonline.org

» Where does YLT take place?

2018 YLT will be held at the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center in Nashville, TN (3088 Smith Springs Rd
 Antioch, TN 37013)

» When/how can I register for YLT?

2018 YLT registration will open on September 1st, 2017.

» Who are the teachers/speakers at YLT?

The 2018 YLT teachers/speakers lineup is being updated throughout the fall. Check back regularly to see who has been added to the teaching list.

» What time is registration on Monday?

Registration begins at 2:00 p.m. on Monday and the opening assembly begins at 3:00 p.m. View a daily schedule example here.

» Are there any items I need to bring that I may be forgetting?

Please make sure to bring the following: refillable water bottle; linens/sleeping bag, pillow and towels; rain jacket; athletic clothes should you choose to participate in ultimate frisbee, basketball or other free time games & activities.

» Why 3 nights out to eat?

Eating out gives great opportunity for relaxation, reflection, fellowship, and conversation. It's a great time to get to know other youth leaders in a relaxed setting.

» Is there really a half day for prayer groups?

Yes. This has continually been one of the most enriching and rewarding aspects of YLT. Groups year after year ask for more time with their prayer groups!

» Is there married housing if I want to bring my spouse?

Yes. However there is limited space for married housing, so rooms are reserved and secured with a deposit on a first come first served basis so register early!

» Can I request to stay in a cabin with someone I know?

Yes, please make that request on the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate any such request.

» What is a typical day like?

A typical day is filled with incredible teaching in both a classroom and large group setting, time for reflection, conversation, worship and prayer, and time for fellowship with other youth leaders.

» How much does YLT cost?

The cost of 2017 YLT was $385/person. The cost of YLT 2018 is TBA. Please check back soon to see the cost for 2018. At the time of registration, there is a $100 nonrefundable deposit due.

» What is the nearest airport to the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center in Nashville, TN?

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is less than 8 miles away from the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center. Southwest Airlines, along with many other airlines service the Nashville airport.

» Do I need a to rent a car if I fly into Nashville?

Not necessarily, however you are welcome to rent a car if you'd like. Another option for getting from the airport to the YMCA is the ride share, UBER. It is roughly 8 miles from the airport to the YMCA. On the nights where everyone eats out in Nashville, it is easy to tag along with a group at YLT that has room in their vehicle for a ride.

» What are the sleeping accommodations at the YMCA?

Housing is in cabins, with bunk beds.

» Do I need to bring linens? Pillow? Towels?

Yes. The YMCA does NOT provide linens, pillows, or towels. Bunks are single beds.

» Where can I find a map of the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center in Nashville, TN?

Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center Map

» What is the address of the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center in Nashville, TN?

Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center

3088 Smith Springs Rd

Antioch, TN 37013